Resistance Booty Bands

Honey Bunny Cosmetics

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 CONGRATULATIONS! You’re investing in yourself and your health! Honey Bunny Resistance Booty bands allow you to build strength and power in the cutest custom designs! These heavy-duty bands target small and large muscle groups and help promote muscle growth without putting pressure on the joints. Plus, they are lightweight and portable so you can easily squeeze in a resistance band workout in the living room or backyard.

Pros of fabric resistance bands:

  • They won’t pinch skin, pull hair or irritate the skin
  • They are non-slip & won’t roll up 
  • They are more fitted and feel much more snug
  • They are extremely durable, so they won’t rip or tear
  • They provide more resistance which most find to be more effective for lower body movements (i.e. if you want to build a booty, these are the ones)

Each purchase comes with 1 single resistance bands in a breathable mesh bag and varying resistance levels:

LIGHT: 76cm / 30inch circumference, Resistance Level: 10-25lbs or
MEDIUM76cm / 30inch circumference, Resistance Level:25-35lbs

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